CHAKAJUICE was born out of our move to a plant based diet and the need for a healthy and convenient way to maintain our energy and health as we teach several classes a day. As we incorporated fresh juicing into our lives, we felt the benefits and made it a staple of our nutrition and well-being. We worked for some time trying various combinations of fruits and vegetables for both taste and health benefits. We would bring our own concoctions to class and be asked all the time what it was, how it tasted and how to make it. From there, we did a class tasting of our juice and from there, out of popular demand, CHAKAJUICE was born.

CHAKAJUICE is cold pressed and all natural. There is no added anything, other than the good ingredients of the juice. No added water, sugar or preservatives. We cold press CHAKAJUICE because with little or no heat used, hence the term cold pressed; we believe the juice retains more of its vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This helps make it more readily absorbed by your body and in our view, better for you.

A Profile of Chakajuice:

Along with our six available juices – Rawbeetsun, Carrot about You, Lemonardo Greens, Lettuce Move You, ChakaPeno and ChakaBell; all very tasty and good for you, we create seasonal juices as well as we did for Halloween – Chaka-or-Treat – made with pumpkin, carrot, apple, cinnamon and ginger. Each set of ingredients, while together taste delicious, have specific positive nutritional qualities and health benefits.