Fitness Gurus Everywhere Gang Up for Gangnam Style

Op, op, op, op, oppa Gangnam style! It was just a matter of time before fitness enthusiasts capitalized on the thigh-burning effects of the Gangnam Style dance. And that time really could not have come quickly enough.

Dance centers, fitness clubs, Zumba instructors, flash mobs locally and worldwide, as well as personal at-home fitness video instructors have taken the song (and the choreography!) and put their own spin on the routine for one cardio-blasting, muscle-burning Gangnam Style workout. And we’ve all noticed.

The routines in these dance workout videos incorporate side-to-side movements, squats, intense jumping, and the signature “ride the horse” move that will get your heart rate up and force you to use those thigh and butt muscles for a serious burn. There are even a few ballet movements and grapevines in theat-home fitness video by Cassey Ho, certified Pilates and fitness instructor, below—be sure to check it out!

A special shout out to this Korean Dance team who put together a routine that is nothing short of awesome. Note: We don’t recommend trying this in 4-inch spike heels. (Serious props!)

Finally, Chakaboom Fitness in Virgina takes home our prize for the most, “Wow, that looks like a good time!” routine, making us want to jump out of our chairs and give it a go right now.

Hilariousness aside, these are actually quite the cardio workout. So channel your inner Psy and ride that horse! In the end, don’t be surprised to be walking down the street and hear, “Aaaaayyyyyyyy sexy la-daay!” yelled in your direction after you’ve sweated it out Gangnam Style and earned yourself that perky booty.