Chakaboom Fitness strives to bring the best possible experience to each and every person joining us for class. We pride ourselves on fostering a positive, fun, high energy atmosphere where all are welcome and no one is judged. To ensure all feel welcome, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • A Chakaboom Fitness waiver must be completed BEFORE taking your first class
  • Respect for each other’s space is appreciated
  • Taking pictures or video during any class is not permitted unless you obtain prior approval from Chakaboom Fitness staff
  • We are happy to have you take a peek into one of our classes.  Unfortunately, we must ask that you refrain from standing in the doorway or within the room to watch class for an extended period of time
  • We want your kids to be safe, so please ensure kids remain in the “kids’ area” and not on the main floor during class.  We must also ask that kids do not attempt to get on stage, go behind the stage or in back areas of the room
  • To keep you and everyone safe, please keep all water bottles and personal items off the floor
  • Please use the Chakaboom Fitness equipment appropriately and return all equipment to its original location.  After using the equipment we ask that it be wiped down for future use.
  • We ask that all maintain good personal hygiene
  • We ask that you do not touch any Chakaboom Fitness sound equipment
  • We ask that you do not adjust the thermostats
  • Take the class time for yourself and leave your cell phone to the side
  • Our restrooms are for everyone, please keep them clean and we have been asked to request that you not place paper towels in the toilet
  • We cannot be responsible for your personal belongings
  • Class time is for all to enjoy, please patient with each other