Fitness Class Review: Kangoo Jumps at Chakaboom Fitness

The dance-aerobics class takes place entirely on low-impact, bouncy boots.
By Melissa Romero, Published October 28, 2013

These days, most fitness classes make a lot of bold claims: It’s the best workout of your life. You’ll be instantly hooked. You’ll shave inches off your waist. But rarely do they claim you’ll have fun doing a fourth set of pushups or holding a squat until your legs turn into Jell-O.

So it’s refreshing to know there are options out there like Kangoo Jumps, which has drawn a diverse group of moms, children, college students, even grandmas to the Franconia Fire Station each week for 45 minutes of dancing and jumping—and lots of laughing and smiling.

Roberson Magalhaes is the brains behind Kangoo Jumps, the fitness class that’s offered under his and cofounder Leo Lins’s Chakaboom Fitness program. The two young instructors, who hail from Brazil, brought Chakaboom to Northern Virginia three years ago. Chakaboom is offered in Annandale, Burke, and Franconia, but Kangoo Jumps only takes place at the Franconia Fire Station.