The Best Fitness Classes We took in 2013 | Chakaboom Fitness | Washingtonian

If I learned anything from this year, it’s that Washington really stepped up its fitness game. Countless gyms and studios opened, offering a workout for every fitness type, and I did my very best to try them all. Not counting all of the awesome classes I took for fun, I ran, lifted, jumped, paddleboarded, and danced my way through 31 classes this year. Some stood out more than others, and here are my picks for top fitness classes of the year in Washington.

The Workout Worth the 6:30 AM Wakeup Call: The November Project DC
The November Project quietly made its way to DC from Boston this year, but the 60-plus people that crowd the Lincoln Memorial for stair runs, pushups, and burpees are anything but calm. And there’s something completely gratifying about screaming profanities with a bunch of new friends at 6:30 AM.

The Dance Class I Actually Enjoyed: Kangoo Jumps with Chakaboom Fitness
Those close to me know that while I like to bust a move now and then, dance fitness classes are not my forte. Enter Kangoo Jumps, where you don moonbounce-like boots and jump and dance your way into a serious sweat to great music. Here’s one class I didn’t mind looking the least bit ridiculous.